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JAYA CERGAS, your innovative and professional partners in construction..

Pembinaan Jaya Cergas Sdn. Bhd. is a company formed exclusively to carry out petrol chemical engineering works with innovative professional approach. It is headed by two professional engineers as project managers and backed by very experienced contractors who have been in petrol related construction for more than 20 years. Majority of the workers are under direct management of the company (not total sub-contractor), thus workers performance is always upheld to ensure accountability and commitment. More importantly, all these workers are trained skilled workers in petrol station industry, and have the right aptitude towards health safety and environmental issue.

As the company is founded with the professional mindset of serving exclusively petrol company industry, Jaya Cergas has well established contracts with statutory and local government as well as of petrol station material. We are thus very responsive and resourceful in getting alternative material for petrol station construction as well as proposing alternative design. In other words, Jaya Cergas is a one stop solution provider contracting partner, oil companies could minimize contract administration time and cost.

Over the years up to the forming of Jaya Cergas, the management personnel has built, renovate, re-image and "re-brand" from one brand station to another brand of more than 120 petrol stations big and small, and have demonstrated the capability of carrying out works in the most professional manners. We command and demonstrated the following attributes:

1. Quality of works: works ware carried out efficiently, expediently and to the top mark assessed by Clients in terms of structural integrity, aesthetic finishes and practicality. The work force is skilled and well trained in petrol station construction and demonstrated self-triggered rectification of defect.

2. Safety Health and Environment: Clients are satisfied with contractors' compliance, enforcement and establishment of all "SHE" rules under supervision as well as during time not being watched by Clients representatives. We showed tidiness and good house keeping as well as security concern toward public. Jaya Cergas continuously promotes SHE work practice and believes SHE pays in long term.

3. Responsiveness and Resourcefulness: Jaya Cergas attends to instruction and all detail works diligently and always practice innovative mindset by suggesting cost effective ways in works, as well as its resourcefulness by procuring the right material using the right tools for the right works at the right time.

4. Customer Focus: Jaya Cergas executes work in response to situation with aim of enhancing customer's benefit. For existing petrol stations, we work during off peak hours, take measures to minimize business disruption, create work execution plan in consultation with dealer, client and supervising officers. Jaya Cergas constantly review its works and provide value added feedback to improve work practice and cost saving.

5. Competent and Attitude: Jaya Cergas is managed by two professionally engineers experienced in the petrol station construction. We have the financial resources, human resources and adequate machinery capability to carry out work efficiently, cost effectively. We have the motivation and self triggered attitude to carry out work independent and competently. We strive to carry out our assignment beyond agreed service level at all time

Jaya Cergas, Your innovative and professional partner in Construction


Registered Associates and Panel Contractor

Pembinaan Jaya Cergas Sdn. registered as a contractor to the following companies.

Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn. Bhd.
Esso Malaysia Berhad.
ExxonMobil Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
BP Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

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